SEWA-Lucknow since last twenty three years have spent qualitative time on training and capacity building of its associated artisans who today are the back bone of the organisation. Many of them have not only been able establish themselves as regular producers for their own set of buyers in the local markets. These associated artisans also produce for SEWA Lucknow as and when required.
The other achievement, which the organisation has had, is providing regular design, technical and marketing support to 2240 individual entrepreneurs who sell their finished products to SEWA Lucknow. Thus these artisans have a ready market, which pays them as per the rates that has been worked out between them and the core artisan team of SEWA-Lucknow and also in time.
These artisans with back-up support of SEWA Lucknow have become fully confident in bargaining for their prices, conducting regular meetings, maintaining books of accounts, regular repayments to bank and their average income has started showing significant growth.
Empowerment through Economic Independence
Production works done by the women artisans of SEWA Lucknow are purely home based. These artisans produce at home only after they have done their day's domestic work.
While speaking about economic empowerment of the artisans, we need to first understand that, there will not be a large number of artisans who completely maintain their family with earnings from Chikankari production. Rather, all these women artisans who other wise had no income are now earning by producing this craft and are contributing in their family’s income. By doing so, they have been able to create a space for themselves in the family as well as in the society.
The vision of the organisation is “to set up an egalitarian and gender just society”. While achieving this, it was important for the organisation to put the artisans on a regular earning track through which a women would be able to contribute forwards her family’s income and there by be gradually be accepted in decision making for the family and also get respected by men and women in the society.
SEWA-Lucknow over the years have been spending qualitty time in bringing about diversified motifs, designes, shapes, cuts and styles . This continius contribution made by the organisation has been one of the major cause as to why the market can offer so many different variety and choices of chikankari products to the customers today.
Some high selling products of SEWA-Lucknow
Suit Duptta Gents Handloom Napkin Set
Noori Gents All Over Table Cover 45x45
Dupatta Boarder Palla Gents Special Curtain
Top Cotton Gents Kurta Cotton Mat Set
Dupatta All Over   Napkin Pieces
Saree All Over    
Saree Boarder Palla    
Plain Shalwar    
Shalwar All Over    
Suit Dupatta Pieces    

SEWA-Lucknow produces 184 different types of Ladies Garments,22 types of Gents Garments which include children garments and 24
types of Home Furnishings. All these variety are available to customers when ever one visits any SEWA- Lucknow exhibition or shop.
Apart from the product’s finish and quality, which by itself speaks about the fine craftsmanship of SEWA-Lucknow’s artisans. Every product carries a tag in which , sizes, price are given. On the back of this tags, there are photographs of artisans with a short story of the organisation written for our dear customers.