Training / Production and Marketing of Chikankari Products


In house training cum production of Chikakari by SEWA Lucknow has been in practice since inception of the organisation. Many young girls and women over the years have learnt this craft and have been earning their living. The salient feature of the training department is that; it pays a trainee while she learns. On an average 50 trainees in different intervals learn this craft and later they work for the organization as craft women and get paid. The organization has different sections that are linked with production and each section is care taken by a section in charge. The artisans in these sections are paid by the organization.

Apart from artisans working in house, there several hundreds of artisans who were earlier trained and work from their homes. These artisans are taken care by 20 master craftswomen (staff) as each of them are responsible for providing work, supervise to them.

SEWA Lucknow markets its products through its showroom in Lucknow and its self organized exhibitions. These exhibitions are held in all metro cities in India as well as in other smaller towns every year. SEWA Lucknow also organizes /participates in international exhibitions. SEWA Lucknow is also a member of, World Fair Trade Organisation (WFTO) thus it also promotes its products to people abroad by organizing Fair Trade Tourism.

This financial year (2012-13) 9 National exhibitions were organized in cities like- Kolkata, Bangaloru, New Delhi and Mumbai.


SEWA Lucknow through various projects and its in house training centre has trained more than 10000 young girls and women in Chikankari (hand embroidery) who are still associated with the organization. They produce for SEWA Lucknow as well as for their own set of customers.