EED Ternkey Livilehood Programme for Boarder Areas


The objective of the project was for providing economic independence to young girls and women from the marginalized community their sustainable livelihood and to be equipping them with knowledge of basic women's rights.

This project was implemented in Behraich, Balrampur and Srawasthi districts in Uttar Pradesh that are adjacent to Nepal. The activities in this project was carried out along side the Indo Nepal Boarder and is venerable to human trafficking, there by- at risk over HIV and AIDS.

Six hundred (600) young women and girls were reached and 60 SHGs were formed and most of them were bank linked. Awareness on HIV and AIDS, human trafficking, social issues like violence against women, information and process of accessing to various entitlement schemes of the government, regular health checkup camps, eye camps were organized. Local volunteers were oriented who worked hand in hand with the project team.

The SHG members were linked with income generation programme through training on chikankari (hand embroidery). Local exhibitions in association with SSB (paramilitary force of Govt.Of India) and Ministry of Information and Broadcasting were organised. The products produced by the SHG members were nationally marketed in SEWA Lucknows exhibitions and money handed over to the SHG members. This project concluded in August 2012.


A challenge towards making the community to understand that life is precious and we can make the best of it through a humble beginning and grow monetarily everyday without someone misguiding us by offering a job that would not only takes us away from our homes but land us in to unknown miseries